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About CLG Australia

CLG Australia is a comprehensive service platform, focusing on the discovery, integration and connection of wealth and resources in Australia. Headquartered in Sydney, the group owns three subsidiaries: CLG Corporate, CLG Building and CLG Management, covering private trust services, real estate development, development management, hotel operation and property management.


The Group and its subsidiaries are fully linked to form a three-dimensional channel of service in Australia and China. With the expertise and spirit of service, the group is committed to building a fortune bridge between high net worth population and real estate projects.


CLG Australia has an experienced and powerful management team. All team members have solid academic background and extensive professional experience in and Australia. They are highly regarded and well received in the industry.


CLG Australia adhere to the “Integrity, stability and win-win” spirit and the “better life” goal, provide customers with high-quality products and caring management services, dedicated to become a “navigator” and a “bridgehead” of the pathway to wealth in Australia.


Catching opportunities on commercial real estate with the ability of asymmetric information sharing and whole process execution.


We are a team of experienced professionals and market experts, serving quality opportunities with profession and integrity.

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All team members have solid academic background and extensive professional experience.

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